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Black Girls Vote engages, educates and empower women to activate their voice by utilizing their voice.

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Ambassadors that register the most Black women to vote will receive special recognition at the Black Girls Vote Gala.

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happy kidsBlack Girls Vote is a nonpartisan organization designed to represent the concerns and interest of Black women. We are not affiliated with any political party. We are invested in ensuring that Black women are empowered to advance education, economic development, quality health care and improve outcomes.

Black Girls Vote was founded by Nykidra “Nyki” Robinson in October, 2015. Nyki, understanding the issues facing Black women, chose to place these issues at the top of her agenda through an organized effort and entity.

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Our Mission Statement

To inspire women of color to use the political process to improve the quality of life for their families and the collective community.

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Keep visiting the Black Girls Vote website for updates and announcements. See you at our events soon. [ LEARN MORE ]


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Dorthy Height

Dorothy Height

"I have been in the proximity of, and threatened by, the Klan; I have been called everything people of color are called; I have been denied admission because of a quota. I've had all of that, but I've also learned that getting bitter is not the way."
- Dorothy Height

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