Black Girls Vote (BGV) is a grassroots, nonpartisan organization created to represent the national and international concerns of women of color.

We seek to uplift and empower communities of color by educating and inspiring Women of Color to understand the public policy decisions affecting their families and communities.

We are dedicated to using our collective voice to transform areas where bias has the most profound impact on the lives of women of color.

BGV continues to cultivate a community of well-informed citizens in underserved communities to support policies that align with BGV’s strategic aims to:

  • Advance Education
  • Advance Economic Development, and
  • Advance Quality Health care and improve outcomes

We utilize an impactful infrastructure to promote major change in local cities:

  • Mechanisms to cultivate and mobilize well-informed voters
  • Solution focused, measureable goals to improve community outcomes
  • Community Organizing and Consortium Building amongst diverse communities
  • Creative community engagement
  • Sustainable Partnerships
  • Social Capital Exchange
  • Resources and Information

At a Chapter level, we train members to become BGV Ambassadors. Ambassadors are advocates charged to lead the conversation and progress when it comes to speaking on behalf of women of color and their communities on the Local, State and National level. Regardless if you have a PhD or a GED- knowing how to effectively utilize your voice to implement transformational change is your right and civic duty. Learn more about our Ambassador Program.


“We’ll Provide the Facts. You Make the Decisions.”

children in a car

Our Mission Statement

children in a car

Our Mission Statement

To inspire women of color to use the political process to improve the
quality of life for their families and the collective community.


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